Table Talk - Bible Study and Fellowship Meal

"One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God."  Come, open the Word of God with us, as we learn and grow into the people God would have us become.  After being fed spiritually "... taking food, ha was strengthen."  Join us at our free community lunch at noon on Mondays.  

Various churches provide this free lunch for 75 to 100 people each week.  Gather around the table, break bread with your neighbor and share in each others's struggles and dreams.  

Table Talk began during Holy Week a number of years ago.  There is food for both the body, as well as the mind and the soul.  A study grew out of these discussions around the table.

Now, we have a Bible Study that is open to the public and is concerned with looking at how the Gospel meets us in our lives, where we are right now.

The table expanded, and we serve a free lunch every Monday. We cook a meal, an individual caters a meal and Trinity UMC, Macedonia UMC and Mullins UMC cover the other Mondays in the month.  Three Mondays a year the lunch is sponsered by Grace Place UMC, the prison ministry that keeps its main "out of the prison" office with us at Highland Heights UMC.   

With their help, we are able to provide a home cooked meal  to anywhere from 65 to 100 people each Monday.

Come join us for lunch.





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Table Talk Bible Study