A Christmas Gift for the Year

When giving gifts this year, please consider an alternative gift, one that will last for a whole year.  Because of so many churches and organizations providing Thanksgiving baskets and Christmas baskets, the members at Highland Heights UMC have chosen to put our efforts into year round issues of hunger.  We do this in three different ways every Monday (even most holidays).

We are a Memphis Food Bank site.  We serve the 38122, 38112 & 38108 zip codes.  Individuals can come once a month and request food for themselves and their household.  If they qualify, they can come 3 months in a row, and then have to wait three more months before they can return for a total of six times a year.  Annually, we serve over 1,700 households which comes out to over 1,500 children, 1,800 adults & 750 seniors.  

We also host our own food pantry to help deal with emergencies and for the people who do not qualify or have used up their visits with our Memphis Food Bank program.  Annually, we serve over 350 households made up of over 650 people.  Because the Memphis Food bank provides the food at such a reduced rate, it actually costs more to buy food for our emergency pantry, even though we serve fewer people.  And our costs, do not account for all the donations, schools, scouts, churches and other groups make for this pantry.

Every Monday at noon, a different church or group provides a hot meal for anyone who shows up.  On average, we serve just under 5,000 people a year.  There are 15 weeks where we are having to fund the lunch ourselves.  Currently, we are able to feed 100 people for $250, which is what we are trying to raise each year.

This Christmas, would you consider providing a bag of groceries for an individual or a household for a month? six months? a year?

Would you provide a hot lunch one Monday for 10 people? 50 people? 100 people? 

Please click on our PayPal link below, to make your donation and know instead of just one basket of food for one holiday, you are giving them a gift for the entire year they are hurting and hungry.  If you would like to make your gift in honor of someone, and would like for us to send them an email letting them know, please include their information on the form.

It costs roughly $30 to provide food for a household for 12 months, and we average 39 households a week
To serve one guest one lunch costs around $2.50


Thank you for giving someone or a family a Christmas Gift Basket in April or June, or a Christmas Dinner in May or July - or any other months than December.