Service Circle

UMW Service Circle 2 is a group of women who meet on the second Tuesday night of each month   at 7 PM to make a variety of items for use for a variety of people.They make flannel baby jackets for newborn babies at Methodist Hospital who otherwise would not have anything special to wear home from the hospital.They make walker caddies for anyone they hear about who needs one.They make turbans for cancer patients, and “dog bone pillows” for patients in the hospital.They have made a throw for a nursing home patient and make lots of bibs for them and they are very much appreciated.

In their sewing room, room 2 on the lower floor of the educational building of the church, they have 3 sewing machines and a cutting table and many times all three machines are going while another person looks through their supply of fabric for more suitable pieces for needed items or irons one of the finished products.

They bring a sandwich and enjoy the fellowship of lunch together and then continue their work until 2:00. They would appreciate anyone joining them who would like to be a part of this Service Circle